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Specialists in professional IT solutions.  We have solutions for business & home users.  We offer professional website designing services to the entire Vaal Triangle and Gauteng area.  Check out our customer reviews on google.  We strive to keep our Clients happy and our ratings is the proof of the service we give to our customers.  Like they say the proof is in the pudding!

We do domain registrations & domain transfers.  Get your dream domain name today!  Knowing you have an email address containing your business domain name not only looks more professional, but builds trust and character to your business.  Mail hosting is another popular service we offer to many of our clients.

Having a reliable backup solution in place is super important to any business that values their documentation and data.  This is one aspect that should not be taken lightly as disaster recovery options can make or break your business.  We have a dedicated IT support team in place standing by to assist our clients with their network, backups and security needs, thus minimising any down time our clients may experience.

Network management & security measures is a must for any business.  We offer internet solutions and web hosting services together with security & network solutions.  We have a variety of packages to suite your needs.  Our office is based in Three Rivers, Vereeniging.

The best way to find out whether IT Mastermind has a solution for your needs is to ask, because we make it a priority to find a solution and making it work for you.  So give our Professional Design Team & IT Experts a call today! 

Choose The Leaders In Website System Development

Just getting started with your business?  Well then, step one will be to get your logo designed and creating brand awareness so your clients can start to recognize your company/business.

Designing your logo is more important than you may think.  It’s the start of your brand and sets the tone for all your future marketing materials.

When starting a new business or upgrading your branding the most important business design you have to look at is the logo design.

Let’s have a look at some of the design work we have done for our clients

Once the logo was in place and the best suited system was selected for our client, our design team jumped on the train and started designing the look for the website.

The task of designing their personalised website look, based on their corporate identity, which embodies their brand.  With their eye-catching designs all done and dusted, each design element was applied to the website to finalize their online presence and bring everything together.

As the leaders in specialised system websites in the Vaal Triangle, IT Mastermind can offer an array of system based websites customised to suit the needs of each client.  We source suitable systems that will offer the functionality our clients hope to have in their website.

We then test and configure it to their own professionally designed WordPress or Joomla website and train them to update their website in the future.

You don’t only get a fully functioning system website configured to your needs, but also a custom designed layout to match your brand. 

Have a look at the latest designs our creative team did for some of our clients. This is exactly what gets our clients and their customers so excited about the products & services on offer.  IT Mastermind is there when a design project needs to be done, but we also build a relationship with our loyal customers.

When dealing with existing clients it makes things easier, as we have designed so many of their previous designs and understand the image of their brand, it is now very easy for us to apply their design style to their designs, keeping it true to their brand.

During one of our projects, the aim was to create a striking website advert that would be seen by the public to generate sales and revenue.  By taking the information that needed to be featured on the advert and combining it with a simple but effective design, the finished masterpiece quickly took shape!

Do you need to have advertising elements / marketing materials designed for your business?  Just give us a call and we can get the design done for you.

Don’t settle for second best if you can have quality branding designed by industry leaders, who create your website according to your specifications.

As an established design company based in the Vaal Triangle, we have learned how to engage with our clients and assisting them in figuring out exactly what their design needs are. This allows us to put our graphic design and website development experience to good use.

We usually base the look of a customer’s website on their corporate identity that is already in place.  The look needs to be professional, but also needs to appeal to their clients, making it easy to navigate their way to the information they need.

With one of our clients we combined the CI elements with striking lifestyle images to create the type of feeling they were looking for. Brand consistency is very important to us, that is why we take special care in bringing brand and website together, while not compromising the user experience on the website.

One of the most important things of a website is the design and functionality.  This CMS website will be easy to use and manage in the future, putting the power back into the client’s hands.

Our well established infrastructure at IT Mastermind allows us to easily communicate with clients all over South Africa and abroad.  It doesn’t matter if you are situated in Cape Town or Chicago, George or even down under we can easily assist in your custom website needs.

Attention to detail, creativity and lasting relationships is what you need when having designs made for your business.  This is exactly what IT Mastermind can offer you.  Our passionate team always get very excited about every design project that needs to be done.

Designing websites and becoming a trusted design supplier for many years, it is now much easier for us to apply our customers branding needs to new designs and we know how to keep their designs true to their much loved brand.

On many of our customers websites we add social media icons like facebook, twitter, linked-in and Instagram.  This allows the client to have a Portfolio / Information Website with the ability to update their own facebook page or blog, while still obtaining the professionalism of having a business website.

Remember a brand becomes more and more well-known because it is being used consistently.

What design needs do you have that our expert design team can help you with?

Letting your products do the talking on your E-commerce website is what so many people dream of accomplishing.  The biggest problem is getting a working E-commerce website that will make your life easier instead of harder.

With many years of experience in the web design industry and tried and tested technology, we can help you with a completely customized online shop.  With shipping and payment portals that can directly integrate with the website you will be ready to trade from the get go.

The great thing about our websites and E-commerce websites, is that we don’t settle for a functional website only.  We want it to be attractive and represent your brand throughout the website.  That is why we first take you through the design process to capture the unique custom look you have in mind and then we build it into the system.

E-commerce websites also known as an online store are designed and constructed according to the clients needs, but also according to the type of shop it needs to be.  The whole website serves as an introduction to the shop and sets the tone for the kind of quality products you can expect to receive.

Once the website is set to go live, the client gets generic training on how to load products, manage the shop and manage the content of their website.  Putting control back in the hands of the client, all because we care about the health of their website.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, give us a call and let’s get the party started.

Peace of mind is having a design company who understands your brand and can easily cater for your needs.

When designing any brand, we keep the future of the brand in mind and what the client would like to accomplish with it.  Our custom designs in combination with this unique way of thinking, brings our designs to a new standard and sets us apart from our competition.

Building a Corporate Identity (CI) is super important. From the logo down to the contact us page.  The key to these kinds of designs is balance and focus.  By knowing what you need to focus on it is much easier to keep the balance between design and information.

Having longstanding relationships with our clients is definitely a priority to us.  We pride ourselves in building strong bonds with our clients, offering them graphic design, web design, backup solutions and security services (even after their initial projects are complete).

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Our client base is of an international standard as we provide Quality IT services including but not limited to Web design, Security Solutions, Hosting Services, Backup Solutions & IT support to a variety of clients & businesses across the globe.  Most of our clientele are situated in the Vaal Triangle, including various areas like Vereeniging, Three Rivers, Arcon Park, Duncanville, Unitas Park, Meyerton, Vanderbijlpark, Bedworth Park, Sasolburg, Lochvaal, Vaal Oewer, Sharpville, Boipatong, Sebokeng, Evaton, Orange Farm, Heidelberg, Zamdela, Deneysville, Potchefstroom, Vaal River Area, Vaal Dam, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Pretoria & surrounding areas.

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