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Why a website?  How does it work?  What will I gain from having a website?  Do you have all these questions, but struggling to get an answer?  Grab a cup of coffee and carry on reading.

A website is a place where people go to find or view more information about a place, company, product or service they are interested in.  You have the unique opportunity to show them what you want them to see.  The website can have different kinds of functionality and can also be interactive, depending on what you want to accomplish with the website.  A website can help boost trade between different countries and can uplift the economic situation of a company, town or even a country.

Whatever your aim is, connections seem to be the discerning factor, so why don’t you already have a website up and running?  If having a design company who will be able to both design and maintain the website is what you’re looking for, then look no further – you have found us.

Our CMS based website solutions / E-commerce shop are mainly built in WordPress and Joomla, which are the biggest website platforms, offering our clients the freedom to manage their own website once we are done and also a world of functionality at one request.  These websites are built and designed to suit the very unique brand that is already established.  We also enable our clients to manage their own website by providing them with the suitable training. Once all this is complete, our team are on standby to assist in any future problems that might occur or even just for a question.

Are you ready to become part of the generation who does it right?  Call IT Mastermind to get started with your success story.

No matter the industry, no matter the size of your business, we look at what your needs are, in combination with what you like and bring a brand that you can be proud of to life.

IT Mastermind has long standing relationships & a history in our community.  As a leader in our area of expertise, we have helped build up our community.  We are based in Three Rivers, Vereeniging.  We have touched so many lives and made lifelong friendships with many of our clients all over the world.  No site is too big or too small – We have seen it all.  Contact us today so we can setup a meeting to help you achieve your dreams!

Do you have design or branding needs for your business? Give us a call and let’s talk branding.

IT Mastermind does it all. We specialise in professional IT solutions.  We have Solutions for Business & Home Users.  We offer professional website designing services.  We do domain registrations & domain transfers.  Mail hosting is another service we offer to many of our clients.

Having a dependable backup solution in place is paramount to any business that values their documentation and data.  We have a dedicated IT support team in place standing by to assist our clients with their network and security needs, thus minimising any down time our clients may experience.

Network management & security measures is a must for any business.  We offer internet solutions and web hosting services together with security & network solutions.  We have a variety of packages to suite your needs.  Our office is based in Three Rivers, Vereeniging.

IT Mastermind

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Our client base is of an international standard as we provide Quality IT services including but not limited to Web design, Security Solutions, Hosting Services, Backup Solutions & IT support to a variety of clients & businesses across the globe.  Most of our clientele are situated in the Vaal Triangle, including various areas like Vereeniging, Three Rivers, Arcon Park, Duncanville, Unitas Park, Meyerton, Vanderbijlpark, Bedworth Park, Sasolburg, Lochvaal, Vaal Oewer, Sharpville, Boipatong, Sebokeng, Evaton, Orange Farm, Heidelberg, Zamdela, Deneysville, Potchefstroom, Vaal River Area, Vaal Dam, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Pretoria & surrounding areas.

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