IT Mastermind are the Graphic Design Leaders in the Vaal Triangle and offer custom services to suit the needs of every client.  We specialise in Premium Web Design with ongoing support, Security, Domain & Mail Hosting as well as Secure Backup Solutions.  We are ready to help you – no matter what your business is and no matter what your needs are, we have a solution for you.

No matter where in the world you find yourself; whether it be South Africa, New York, United States of America, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or even the United Kingdom…

IT Mastermind
is not limited to a specific location as we deal with clients from different walks of life on a daily basis.  We welcome all businesses and individuals across the globe to contact us with any Website design, Domain hosting, Mail Hosting, Security or Backup Solution needs.

The Art of Web design

We have mastered the art of taking a clean and simple design and combining elegant design elements to accent the touch of flair that gives the design that something extra.  We create the design in such a way that it can easily be applied to other marketing items in the future, making it a flexible design that the client can apply to any marketing material or signage they might need as the business grows.

Custom, personalized design is what IT Mastermind is all about.  We love creating something superior and unique every time.  Taking into account each client’s definite needs and ideas to create a solid website they can use for years to come.

The style we base our designs on is totally up to the client.  This is why we have a meeting to deliberate a checklist of options.  Most popular design choices comes down to a high-end and modern look, but also easy on the eye and practical to navigate.  Keeping the general design clean and simple, with a very modern font style, because first impressions are key.  The idea behind any well-developed website is to create a design that will have lasting effects once seen.

Once the initial design is done, we implement the customer’s suggestions for changes and mould the design into the end product they desire.  In this way we navigate through our client’s needs, learning to know them better while building a relationship that will last for years to come.

To be able to market your business in a professional way, your website, brand & logo needs to make a statement in order to become recognizable.  Taking the time to look for a professional web design company that adheres to all your criteria needs, can be tedious and exhausting.  IT Mastermind not only prides ourselves in being on top of our respective field, but we also cover all the angles that most hosting companies don’t.  We are a complete one stop IT Solution Company that caters for all your business needs including website design, digital marketing, email hosting, network security, backup solutions & technical support. 

Let IT Mastermind help you in your design quest.  Even if you already have an established logo & brand, we can incorporate these elements with your website, while focusing on the feeling you want the design material to express.

The website obviously needs to match the rest of your brand designs and needs to be easy to navigate.  As with all the websites we build, the website will be CMS based, allowing for easy website management in the future.

When designing a website it is super important to know who your target market is.  Creating a user friendly website so anyone can get the information on all products & services on offer.  We also make use of strong imagery that will help represent the brand or business.

IT Mastermind love helping our unique and different clients with all their IT Needs & requirements whether it be graphic design, web design, online marketing, backup solutions, security, network administration or internet solutions.  Choose IT Mastermind to manage your IT Infrastructure, choose the team with experience.

A short term investment in fire protection measures will protect your assets for a lifetime. These are powerful words that are supported by the innovative team at Vaal Triangle Fire Services.

As soon as you open their website, you already know what is important to them.  You can easily see that fire safety is their main focus and that they wish to inform the public, but also businesses of the importance of fire safety.

In 2016 IT Mastermind met with Vaal Triangle Fire Services to discuss their project and it was clear to us how important the website and the message of safety was to them.  We are proud to showcase this project as another successfully completed project.

The website consists of 5 pages through which you can navigate by using the menu or call to action buttons, designed to draw attention.  The general look of the website is very clean and professional to match the style of the business. Striking imagery was used to compliment the design work. We kept the typography of the website simple and corporate which is easy to read.  Their main colours, which are orange, red and yellow were used as accent colours throughout the website in proportion with their very clean look.

Vaal Triangle Fire Services have served their clients & the community with the highest quality fire protection products, fire safety goods & various training courses.  With a track record of more than 30 years, which is proof of their passion.

Whatever your creative & innovative business needs may be, our fully trained and professional team of designers are set to turn them into assets you can be proud of.  Contact Us Today for a personal meeting to discuss your next project.

IT Mastermind

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Our client base is of an international standard as we provide Quality IT services including but not limited to Web design, Security Solutions, Hosting Services, Backup Solutions & IT support to a variety of clients & businesses across the globe.  Most of our clientele are situated in the Vaal Triangle, including various areas like Vereeniging, Three Rivers, Arcon Park, Duncanville, Unitas Park, Meyerton, Vanderbijlpark, Bedworth Park, Sasolburg, Lochvaal, Vaal Oewer, Sharpville, Boipatong, Sebokeng, Evaton, Orange Farm, Heidelberg, Zamdela, Deneysville, Potchefstroom, Vaal River Area, Vaal Dam, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Pretoria & surrounding areas.

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