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Are you tired of not having the presence you want or not showing up in searches?  Are you tired of a website that isn’t working and looks nothing like your brand?  Just give us a call and we will get it sorted out!

When you plan a website, the main objective is to attract people and excite them enough to read more about your business and products.  Getting them to come back or make use of your business will depend on the execution, design & quality of your website as well as your products & services on offer.  This means that the first problem remains the biggest focus: “How do I attract people to my website?”

A number of things play a role, of which advertising is one.  You will need to advertise and think of different ways to advertise.  You can do it over social media, but the key would be in placing the advert strategically and with the correct audience in mind.  To help with this, you will need to analyse your statistics and calculate the best audience to market to.

Radio and printed media is obviously a great way of marketing.  This helps if you are marketing in your area and can create awareness in a smaller radius.  A visual presence is very important.

Now getting a team who understand all this, might pose as a challenge – seeing as this takes experience and research in a variety of industries.  That’s why our technical and creative team who works hand in hand can create stunning designs and understand how to market them.

The designs needs to be marketed and also of a high quality to ensure a striking appearance & good quality printing.  That is why a professional design team is a key part of the planning your website & branding.

Our team at IT Mastermind really take the task of uplifting your business through design and branding very seriously.  No matter the objective, we work hard at matching the design with the desired outcome.

Give us a call today and allow us to open the world up to you.

The face of your business is a representation of what people can expect to receive from you.  It represents the standard of service or the quality of product they might get when choosing you as a service provider or retailer.  So why is it that people take the cheap exit out of this tunnel of success?

There is no short way to the top, it takes time and time again getting up to climb to the top and surpassing the challenges set before you.  When attempting to take the short way out, you end up cheating yourself out of business and becoming familiar with missed opportunities.  Our recommendation to cancel this out is to hire a professional team who are ready to take your business and brand to the next level with the same enthusiasm as you do.

What is needed to succeed? 

You need a logo for your website, by which people can identify you business for a long time to come.  The logo is an important part of the website as this distinguishes the website look and sets the tone for the design work.  Once you have your official logo, it can be used on all your corporate identity documents including your website.

A CMS based platform website is used to empower the client with the power to change and manage their website over time.  This CMS (content management system) website is custom designed and made according to the clients brief.  After the custom design is complete, we start to prepare the files in order to build the website live.

SEO needs to be built into the website.  Google is the biggest search engine and that is why we build our websites with their rulebook in mind.  Keeping in line with these rules, helps the generic ranking of the website and this helps to create brand awareness.

Your website needs a striking and modern look to create awareness in your area.  The most important thing about advertising is to never stop.  Whatever you do, just don’t stop advertising.  Take time to really look into the performance of the marketing you do, to analyze the success of each form of marketing and compare them against each other.  If one kind of marketing doesn’t work, switch over to the next one, but don’t get rid of the old ideas.

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