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Stylish and professionalElegant and strong.  What do all these words have in common?  A very exceptional logoStylish, professional, elegant, strong sophisticated etc. these are all words we use to get to a point of forming ideas.  This is just one of the fields on our creative design brief that helps guide us to the point of design and get the creative juices flowing.

Our brief is structured in such a way that we need to ask as little as possible additional questions.  This also helps us make more accurate designs for our clients.

The general feeling for a corporate identity is to achieve a clean and professional look; not to use too many design elements that would make it feel cluttered.  The business card, email signature and letterhead, all form a key part of the essential brand startup designs.  These elements help you with most aspects of a new and established businesses brand.

With the brand established, your dynamic company can now continue with any marketing designs in the future having faith in the result we will create.

Do you have faith in the skills of your design company?

Your local presence is very important, but as your company grows your international presence also becomes very important. Having a website is a very good place to start when you want to create or strengthen your international presence.

Of course you need to make connections if you are planning to enter the international market, but a well designed website will help create credibility and image.

The great thing about a website is that you can do anything with it and whatever your aim is to accomplish, by choosing the functionality and and content mindfully you can accomplish so much.

We do design work for companies with big visions and an even bigger missions as they constantly reach out to make new connections and enter into new markets.

Naturally, their website needs to show that they mean business and more importantly know what they are talking about. Our designers undertake the daunting task to accomplish this and at the same time meet the liking of the client. After refining the look the CMS website is created, while keeping a keen eye on the website requirements set out by Google.

When the website is ready to meet the world and be launched, we refine the already built in SEO and introduce it to Google.

Are you ready to get your website up and out in the world?  Give us a call.

Just like everything else, a new approach or just a splash of something new, will get your clients excited and ready for whatever you have to offer.

All our clients are longstanding clients of the IT Mastermind team and we have built up a relationship of trust and understanding.  Our clients have very successful businesses all over the country, thanks to dedicated websites that promote their services and products.  Having an existing customer makes future designing super easy and adding a splash of something new with the tone of their designs keeps their website fresh and appealing to their clientele.

Sometimes we do a redesign with a fresh modern feeling that still compliments the brand and overall look that has already been established.  With a few changes here and there the look of the website gets a complete new feeling that draws attention and new business.

Once something is established, it doesn’t mean you can never again touch it and it has to stay as is forever.  You can either do a complete revamp when time has passed or you can do it bit by bit over time – keeping your branding new and fresh.

Give us a call if you’re ready for a bit of change.

At IT Mastermind, we have a team of skilled designers who understand the lingo of design.  They are both creative and technically talented with a passion for brand and brand awareness.  We have done research for thousands of clients over many years to find lasting and legitimate solutions for the problems set by our clients and we won’t stop expanding our knowledge.

Our CMS based website solutions are mainly built in WordPress, which is the biggest website platform, offering our clients the freedom to manage their own website once we are done and also a world of functionality at one request.  We also enable our clients to manage their own website by providing them with the proper training.  Once all this is complete our team are on standby to assist in any future problems that might occur or even just for a question.

Your website is just a phone call away.  All we need is your business name, your branding, information that you would like on your website and a few minutes of your time.  Building a website will boost your business and it allows for the latest communication between you and your customers.  The website can be updated as often as needed depending on the clients needs to keep the information current and relevant.

We also build SEO right into the website, enabling Google to find it much easier and suggest it to more search results, in the end saving you much more money and effort.

Are you ready to become part of the generation who does it right?  Call IT Mastermind today to get started with your success story.

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