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It brings us such joy to see our customers brand develop with every element that is added and to be part of it is all the reward we can ask for.

 “Brand” this is a very important concept. Does your design company understand the importance of the look they are creating for you?  Here is a bit more about our process when creating a brand.

With the client’s brief in hand, we carefully study it for key phrases that help us understand what they are looking for and what their need is.  It is very important to know how a client will use their logo and their brand, seeing as that will influence how you approach the design of these elements.

A company’s logo really needs to speak to what they represent in the brand; modern, stylish, eye-catching & relevance.  The logo needs to have a lot of personality and will appear on the products.

One of the websites needed to make a statement to represent their high quality brand & services on offer.  This was such a fun design and our designers catered for different concepts to the initial looks.  From there, the client chose their favourite and we fine-tuned the design until it was ready to be saved high resolution.

With the high-quality design saved in its final formats, it was ready for use on their website, products and E-mail signatures.

What challenge are you facing with your brand design?  Give us a call and we’ll help you solve it.

Personalized designs and custom built websites are what IT Mastermind is all about.  We just love creating something special and unique every time.  Taking in account, each client’s specific needs and ideas and creating a tangible product they can use for years to come.

What impression would you like to create when people see your logo?  Are you struggling to get your words into an image?  Don’t get discouraged, maybe you just need the right team to help you create your unique logo.

No matter what your needs or ideas are, brief us on what you have in mind and let us help you bring it to life!

There is no guarantee in business, but you can build a door for opportunity to knock on.  This is where a CMS website comes in to play.  We create a balance of design and functionality, because just as with anything else in the world, there needs to be a balance.

Our custom service and attention to aspects like design style vs. technical functionality, is what makes us unique.  We always try to merge these aspects of a website with the actual needs of the client.

Firstly, we look to see how the brand can be applied.  We apply the consistent brand designs throughout the website making sure that it stays eye-catching and professional.  We also pay attention to their info and emphasize it on each page with complimentary design elements.

It is very important to remember that a fully functioning website needs to be mobile friendly, making sure it keeps up with the basic rules set out by Google.  Once the website is completed, we can also finetune the SEO – ensuring that the search engine optimization of the website is done properly and ranks according to the desired keywords set out by the client.

Are you ready to get out there and invite the opportunities to come knocking?  Let us help you build that door!

Have you paid attention to how unique a logo can be and how much different logos can differ from one another?  Well, that helps illustrate how different the personality of that business is from others.  This is what we do, we create and establish unique branding for our clients, to express their personality as a business.

Logo Design is the result of a “tried and tested” process of “brief and design”.  The more detailed a client briefs us on what their needs are for their project, the better we are equipped to implement it in the design.

Based on a customers brief (branding questionnaire) we know that the brand, and essentially the logo, needs to be different and not predictable.  That is why we bring in designing elements to compliment the name.  The logo can also be used separately on marketing material in a variety of ways.  The use of solid colours also helps keep the logo versatile and limitless.

Whether it’s thin lines in the logos that speak of style and precision work while the font indicates professionalism and attention to detail.  The overall clean look of each logo we design shows the finer detail and creativity of our design team.

We like to get a better picture of who our clients are.  We want to know what their business is about and what is important to not only them, but also to their clients.  Thus, giving us perspective and insight on their projects.

If you’re looking for a personal relationship with your designer and a personal touch in the work they do for you, contact IT Mastermind today!

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