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When having a dream and vision for your future, you may have certain ideals you see as important or a hope of creating change and helping people.  But what if the way you vision to do this doesn’t exist yet?  The challenge set before you to be the first is exciting, it’s adventurous to shape this future, but the task can also be daunting and discouraging as the world throws tradition and stigma in your face every step of the way.

Industry leaders set the pace and form the standard by which future ventures will be measured by.  The journey for these future thinkers is thrilling and adventurous, but it’s also difficult to be the trend setter, as it puts additional pressure on you and your business.

Helping you in this momentous task by creating a state of the art website.  A website helps open a lot of professional doors and creates opportunities for growth you never thought were there.  The problem, is there are so many people out there looking for and providing quick fixes.  A quick fix is never a solution and in many cases it just costs you more money in the long run.

A quick fix website will be based on a template layout and will only replace your information where needed.  It won’t care about how the website is found and marketing you might want to do in the future.  A quick fix will offer you marketing at a steep admin fee to not much success to you, as it won’t be focused on running a successful marketing campaign for you.

Let’s take an example: You have a trendsetting company, who use futuristic ideas and solutions to solve the problems of today in your industry.  We build your custom CMS based website and enable you to manage your own website in the future.  The look of the website is first designed according to your specifications, keeping in mind restrictions set out by Google and the system.

While we build the website, we take in account how the website will be found and recognise that Google is the biggest search engine, therefore we abide by the latest rules set out by Google.  By doing this, the website has a much better generic performance and much more can be achieved in Google marketing when the website is built in this way.

Do you have a business dream and a hunger for success?  Are you struggling to make it a reality?  Give our friendly and creative team a call and let us work out a plan of action for you.

We take great care when designing anything for a brand, whether it was developed by us or not. We respect the brand that represents who you are and try our best to accent that in every design.  IT Mastermind creates professional and modern websites.  We design and build in the latest CMS technology.

Branding is our game and building websites our passion. Get your brand or website designed by our team today, give us a call.

Create Your Dream Wedding Blog / Wedding Invitation Website Today

Weddings are in the air as the peak wedding season is in full swing.  Why not have our expert design team create a Website to announce your wedding and make a statement to the world!

A website dedicated to engagement photos forms the base of the website design.  Clean, but elegant with just enough design elements to not overwhelm the overall look. The theme of the wedding always involves somewhat planning, so many couples chose to not give away their complete wedding theme and just get their guests excited about their special day.

Working around the photos, the designer makes sure to choose a font that matches the elegant look. But also a font that would be easily readable for all the important information that needs to be communicated.

Once the design of the website is captured and approved, the designs are prepared and integrated into a fully responsive wedding invitation website.  For example:  Let’s say the wedding is located in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng.  This allows us to add a location map of the venue as well as nearby accommodation for those guests travelling from far.  The options are endless. Whether you want to include a lodge, restaurant, dining lounge or guesthouse.  It’s completely up to you!

The complete website with an RSVP page is tested by the client, along with all the links and the RSVP form. The website then gets approved to go live and ready to be sent to their guests from all over South Africa. No matter where your guests are located in the world.  With a Wedding website at your fingertips, you can reach all family and friends across the globe!

Call our team today and get ready for a dazzling website for your wedding invitation, providing you with loads of time to get your arrangements in order.

Dreaming big dreams should always inspire you to go on until you reach them and should never discourage you from achieving them.  Find your inspiration today and let us help you to accomplish your dreams.

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