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Having a visual presence is very important in these modern times we live in, it has become the standard by which people make their decisions and form their opinions.  That is why it’s something that takes lots of work and strategy to make sure the standard is fitting for your company and your industry.

Planning is a key part of the process, but needs to go hand in hand with execution, otherwise it will just stay a dream.  The implementation of an idea is what makes a dream into reality.

Let’s take a look at the vibrant and exciting website we developed for one of our clients.  We designed their corporate website according to their specific brand requirements and design brief.  Based on the information given, we designed their first drafts and from there refined the designs to get to a final completed product.

Keeping in mind what the client intends on using the designs for we saved the files in High Resolution.  Their vibrant and lively designs catches your attention and intrigues the viewer to find out more about what they do.  This is exactly what it needs to do, while also being functional as a company brand and informative website.

Now their corporate identity consists of a professional website, logo, letterhead, business card and email signature.  Additional business cards and email signatures can easily be added in the future, leaving room for the business to expand.

Once you’ve realised the importance of branding, there is no turning back and nothing less than excellent will do.  Give us a call and let’s help you get to a point of excellence.


Things to keep in mind when establishing your brand:

  • Pick colours you want to associate with your brand.  You can have as little as one colour and can move up to about 8 colours if used in the right moderation and keeping one main colour in mind.  The more colourful option is not recommended because it can easily become too much, so take great care if you choose this option.  You can also have main colours and secondary colours that have a much closer colour relation for example: shades of blue with teal as your focal colour.

  • Keep in mind how you want to use your branding in the future.  Not all designs are as versatile as you would hope them to be.  Depending on the style and final branding you go with – your designer may struggle with creating versatile designs for future marketing designs.

  • Be unique.  Have a look at your competition and make sure you stand out from the rest of your industry, but taking special care not to focus only on being unique and forgetting style, design and taste.

  • Being consistent is key.  A consistent brand is a brand that stands out.  Make sure you have a guide as to what your brand and branding is, but also how it should be used.  Small but precise details in this regard can make a huge difference in how your brand is perceived.

These are just a few helpful tips you can follow.  For detailed assistance in the development of branding that works, give us a call.

At IT Mastermind, we love stories like these.  We can relate to the struggle and the challenges you face to create a unique brand, company and future in your particular industry.  For this reason we find extra inspiration and combine it with our natural talent for design and years of experience in the industry to create your dream designs and website.

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