The importance of having an online presence

We can try to keep the blinds shut and just not look at the pace by which the world is expanding, but that won’t make it any less real.  We need to realize that an online presence for your business is key, if you want to take it further than the backyard of your town.

Finding a comfort zone in your business and making yourself at home in it is professional suicide.  It puts a damper on the potential that your business has and limits its reach.  You need to keep on discovering new things, develop new ideas and chase new angles to keep your business at its full bloom for as long as you can.

Having a logo just isn’t enough if you want to stand out.  It needs to be more and it needs to represent who you are as a business.  Being unique is a lifestyle, it becomes part of who you are and is evident in the look of your business and the way you manage it.  This however, can become a very challenging aspect of your business.

A good guide for creating a unique brand is to start at one point and once it has been established, you can move on to some of your other branding designs.  The most important aspect of a brand is the logo.  Your logo will be used on all your branding as a whole or just a part of it.

Having an icon or element that can be used as an icon is also very important.  It isn’t a rule, but it can help the rest of your branding to develop more personality and become more versatile.  Just like anything else, the way you use these elements will also have a great influence on the way it’s perceived.  It can be implemented very successfully or less successfully making it blend in with other already existing brands.

Give us a call and lets develop your brand together.

Have a team that knows how to build your website, have IT Mastermind build your website.

Striking colours that don’t overwhelm and tastefully placed design elements are all part of a custom designed website that makes heads turn, making it unique and different from your competitors.

When creating custom designs, we carefully consider the client’s brand, their design brief and their needs.  The combination of all of these make a very strong design foundation that may only need a few tweaks here and there.  Our experience in branding gives us an advantage when it comes to design and our technical background helps us with successful execution of website projects.

As with anything in life, balance is key and is something people strive for every day.  Balancing technical skills and design talent comes with experience and is applied with careful consideration.

When looking at balance we design a clean but striking website look focusing on the feeling of the website incorporating the information needed to be easily readable, while navigating your way through the website. The brand identity also needs to be clear on every page to make sure a client knows the brand – no matter the page they access it by.

With website training, a customer will also be able to update their information and pictures to keep the website current and up to date.

If you’re ready to take a step into the future, give us a call.

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