The next option is a blog website

To take a dream to the threshold and into the hearts of other people, a blog website is needed.  A website that could constantly be updated with new messages.  A blog website is the perfect solution for newsletters and keeping your followers up to date with the latest information and news. It offers the advantages of a website, but is built in such a way to place focus on the blog; which it’s actually about.

The look of a blog website is inspired by the name and the meaning that it has in the context.  We use supporting colours which complement the theme while not overpowering it. We generally keep the website pages clean and full of carefully thought out breathing space.

Working on a project like this, where there is a deeper message that needs to be carefully relayed, we take careful consideration in our placement of design and the effectiveness of it.

All our websites are fully responsive/mobile friendly and easy to manage.  Websites are introduced to Google and are built using the latest technology to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Do you have a dream that needs to be put on “digital paper”? Let us help you.

Things to keep in mind when creating a website or brand for your company:

Simplicity of Website

Multi-functional Website

Corporate Identity & Brand Building

Marketing Material & Mail Signature

We really love all the different ways a brand can be used.  Based on what the aim of the design is, you can easily make it intricate or simple.  Branding options most clients normally use consists of a logo, business cards, letterhead and email signature.

Do you need a brand that says more?  We listen to your heart and then design your vision!

Having a virtual presence has become just as important as having a physical presence, if not more important. Have you considered what this means? Well you’re at the right place to find out.

Many people will have different opinions about what it means to have an online presence, when in fact, it is a combination of different actions and platforms. Trying to put all your eggs in one basket just won’t have a lasting effect. Yes, social media platforms are very important, but being active on those platforms is what really gives the winning recipe.

We would advise integrating your social media platforms with an effective website.  One that is CMS based and up to date with technology.  It’s also very important to adhere to the SEO rules and guidelines set out by Google, because that is how your clients and guests navigate their way to your website.

This is why many of our clients choose our all-round solution that also integrates their social media platforms.

With stunning photos and 5 star designing skills, our team finds inspiration around every corner.  Using vivid colours and design elements really helps to take your website look to the next level.

Of course, there is also a technical aspect to the website that happens behind the scenes.  Our leading CMS systems help us build websites of high standards and with better functionality than many other options out there.  By building websites in this way, we help create a complete solution for our clients based on their specific needs.

Get in contact with our team today and let us guide you in the process.

“Less is more” is a very popular and well known statement that speaks to having balance in design

Meaning exactly what it says… very clean and uncomplicated. With accents to finish off with a very stylish look.  As usual, we present different looks to choose from based on the design brief. The client chooses their favourite option and we pull that through on each page.

Each page is custom designed, based on the theme and is matched to the info on the page. The effects on the photos must also match the elegant theme, while also bringing depth into the design.

Do you have a design in mind that needs special attention and care? Give us a call and lets chat about what your needs are.

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